Children's Day 2014

Yes, it's May 15 and Children's Day was May 5. I'm behind.

This Korean holiday is one that we try to celebrate, but I generally forget all about it until the day of. This year was so exception! The good news was that not only was Starbucks having Frappucino Happy Hour, but we had a free evening and really beautiful weather.

When Brian got home from school, we drove straight to Starbucks - this is a HUGE treat for the kids because in our household kids do not get to drink Starbucks. :) Next we drove to Liberty Park to take a walk. Kids asked if they could just play on the playground instead, and since they were miraculously actually asking to just go play together, Brian and I sat on the picnic table outside the play area and enjoyed the weather and some kid-free talk. No judging on the kid-free talk on Children's Day! Who am I to stand in the way of two siblings that were begging to run off and play on their own?




Notice the sweat. This would be *after* the 90 minutes of running and playing.



Why, yes, I did regret the caffeine later. These kids were bouncing. off. the. walls.

Not a bad way to spend a Monday evening.


Bad Starbucks. ... You can order all of their frapaccinos WITHOUT coffee. I didn't realize that the first time Ethan got one and the next time the batista asked if I wanted it coffee free.

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