Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reading Material

These two posts about Christmas: When You're Tired and Ready for a Christmas Revolution by Ann Voskamp and The Christmas Conundrum by Jen Hatmaker. I fully realize this train of thought regarding Christmas is not particularly popular, but I'm a believer.

The Real Truth about Boring Men and the Women Who Live With Them, also by Ann Voskamp. This one has gone viral and for good reason. Ironically enough, I read this as I sat in my quiet house on Saturday while Brian was off at school and had taken both kids with him. Not because he needed two extra kids while he worked but because he knew I needed a little breather and because he hadn't seem them all week because of his schedule.

I spent the last 3 weeks reading the Divergent trilogy, and as seems to be normal with a YA trilogy . . . book 3 was pretty disappointing. Doesn't mean I won't wait for the movie with great anticipation, but they're not going on a favorite book list anytime soon.

Still working my way through the Mortal Instruments series. Getting ready to start the fourth one.

Just picked up from the library The Cuckoo's Calling, which was written, of course, by J.K. Rowling. Interested to see how it is.

And I am *still* reading Unglued. I keep starting it then stopping for several weeks at a time then I have to re-read what I already read. It's a vicious cycle. I think this time might actually stick.


Laurie said...

I have yet to start the Divergent series. Trying to decide what to read next!! And Unglued has been on my "currently reading" list for like a year!! I read it a little then stop and have to reread again!! I am determined to finish it sometime!!

Christine said...

I cannot agree more on the Divergent trilogy!! So, so disappointed. Ugh! And it really was in the lead for favorite series ever. Mortal Instruments was up there, but the movie absolutely ruined it for me. ;-)