Tuesday, November 12, 2013


So today is my 38th birthday, and a couple of years ago I would have considered that OLD, but this morning I'm happy to be 38. Mostly because I had myself convinced the last couple of months that I was already 38 and that I was turning 39. Can I still keep blaming my dumbness on chemo brain?

Much to Brian's chagrin (and my own, frankly), I chose to stick to our budget and skip celebrating although the Starbucks barista did convince me to live it up and order a venti peppermint mocha this morning for my free birthday drink. I'm hoping to celebrate in a couple of weeks with a date night that includes Catching Fire, which opens in 10 days. Not that I'm counting or anything.
The kids made cute cards for me (which Rory could not keep a secret last night) and I'm planning to spend this very chilly rainy day curled up on the couch either catching up on my Hulu queue or maybe pulling out the EHD to do some scrapping.

 And did you know today is 11-12-13? That almost guarantees it's going to be a good day, right?

We've had gorgeous weather the last week, although I have to say that this whole getting dark by 4:30 is kind of the pits. Brian and I both seem to look at the clock, thinking that it *must* be bedtime only to realize it's 6:00. I've made the kids take advantage of the sunshine and play outside (they usually love playing outside, but it seems like I've had to push them out the door the last couple of weeks).


This one cracks me up because it's so typical of them. Rory grabbing on for a hug while Camden does his own thing.


Joanna said...

Happy Birthday to you!! I wish you were living it up, too, but I totally understand that budget, and I always think it is just nice to know that it is YOUR day.
Have a good one!

And 38 is SO not old!

Grandma Elledge said...

Melissa, as I've told you before, how excited we were to welcome you, our first grandchild, after waiting all night at the hospital!
(Now, it's nine others welcomed.)
Love you!
And the pics are always good of the kiddos. With beautiful background. Gma E

To China and Back said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

Vicky said...

Happy belated Birthday to you! Rick's b-day was the 14th :) I'm so behind- but have loved catching up with you! I'd so go to the movie with you too!!

Christine said...

(I'm so far behind! I guess that stalking delivery trucks is more time consuming than I thought?!)

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it was FABULOUS!!! YOU deserve the absolute BEST day. :)