Monday, November 04, 2013

Our Weekend

I could sum up my mood with these two pieces of information: my computer is still broken and my knee is still in a brace.

Okay, so I'm actually not as devastated as I might have been in the past. Possibly I'm getting perspective?

Anyway, our weekend was fun. Friday night Liz and Addison came over for potato soup and to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. For some reason, we actually did not have that many so our first suburban Halloween experience was a little anti-climatic. I did take super cute pictures of the kids, which I will share when I can manage to get them from my camera to Brian's laptop.

Saturday we went to the opening of the new Gigi's Playhouse in Brentwood to make balloon animals. I have to say that it was pretty fun seeing those sweet faces light up when you (as in Brian) made their favorite animals. Swords were pretty much the favorite of the day, which is good because they're easy! Camden and Rory were very good helpers, and I was proud of them for giving up their Saturday with a cheerful heart.

Sunday was a big day because not only did we gain an hour of sleep, but our church went to 2 worship services because we have completely outgrown one service. We had about 13 first-time guests, including some old college friends who were visiting. We had lunch with them after church, then spent a quiet afternoon all in our separate spots: Brian sleeping on the couch while "watching" football, kids upstairs having their Wii time for the week, and me back in my little oasis bedroom enjoying some iPad time.

I forget how excited kids are to dress up. Camden did the Darth Vader heavy breathing all night, and Rory thought she was big stuff because I let her wear a little eyeliner (pics from my big girl camera coming soon). She kept saying, "I just look so pretty, and now I feel like a grown-up. You know, like someone your age." Also, she thought I should be the one to put on her make-up because "you wear lots and lots of make-up, mama."

Brian has no shame when it comes to entertaining kids.

Today's goals: 6 loads of laundry, 1 t-ball game followed by a team pizza party, and car pool. Oh, and staying off this leg (this whole staying off my feet is not going well if you can't tell).


Vicky said...

Ohhhh- I am behind- need to see what you did to your leg! We are already almost completely past Halloween. The boys had hockey and then little energy or desire to dress up or go out. I so wasn't expecting that to happen. Fun to see your kids really embracing it.

I pray your leg heals soon!

Christine said...

Spencer wants me to tell you to tell Camden that he has an *awesome* costume. :)

Your weekend sounds busy with a bit of relaxation mixed in! :)