Friday, November 22, 2013


I'm taking a break from the multiple errands and FOUR grocery store visits I'm making today to let you know I'm signing off for a couple of days. 

Or possibly not signing off because I never seem to stay away quite as long as I think. I'll have family in town to chat with next week so maybe I won't need to write down my words. ;)

After my full day of Thanksgiving prep today, we have a crazy weekend scheduled. Some work, some fun. The kids are off school all next week, and my parents arrive Monday evening. Brian, unfortunately, has to work Monday/Tuesday. I have managed to put off all organizing and cleaning until Monday, which seemed like a good idea earlier this week but maybe not such a great idea as the clutter has increased every day. The good news is that I have reserved Monday for cleaning and I'm fairly certain my family will not hold it against me if everything doesn't get finished.

These two have both lost teeth (2 apiece) in the last couple of days, bringing Rory's total up to 7 . . . since the summer. Basketball in hand because it has been the game of the week around here.

Happy Friday!


Amy said...

Hope you enjoy every minute of time with your family. I'm so bad about putting off the housework, too. I still could just gobble Rory up with those bangs! Absolutely love them!

Christine said...

So teeth loss happens in groups, huh?! S is down two and another one is loose. I need it to stop! ;-)