Monday, November 25, 2013

It Was a Good Weekend

I know, I know. I was going to stay away this week. But a few memorable things happened over the weekend, and I need to write it down so I don't forget. (Forgetting is totally a possibility with my current lack of brain power.)

Hello, Thanksgiving miracle. I woke up Saturday to these two playing together. Camden was (serious miracle) helping Rory out with a crossword puzzle. And even bigger miracle? She was letting him.


I've been really wanting to redecorate the house much to Brian's chagrin. It's not really in the budget right now, but I did manage to come up with this idea of a mason jar filled with northern beans. Cute, right?


Saturday was date day, which was a long time coming and much needed. We ate lunch, went to Jeni's (for the first time since last November, which is a tragedy), did some window shopping, then saw Catching Fire. It was amazing. Both the date and the movie.

Brian chose sweet potato with toasted marshmallows and TN eggnog. Dark chocolate peppermint and cinderella pumpkin was my poison.

And then Rory was baptized last night, along with a sweet couple from our church who are new believers. I got to have a little backstage glimpse, and I won't post their pictures, but it was a precious experience.


And now I'm off to tackle the house and laundry before my parents arrive this evening. Here's hoping those kiddos of mine are still in their Thanksgiving miracle mood.


Amanda said...

Congrats on Rory being baptized!! Such a wonderful thing. I love the fall decor and the jar of beans with flowers is perfect. Hope ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with family.

Vicky said...

Ohhh- you know this oozes sweetness right? All of it! The two of them playing together- the date- the ice cream!! And then the baptism put it all over the top :) Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!

Amy said...

Love your fall decor! Such a creative idea with the beans. Might have to steal that one. :) So jealous that you've seen Catching Fire. Hope we'll be able to go soon. Congratulations on Rory's baptism. I know it was a special night. Enjoy your family time!

Vicki Bridges said...

It must be the season, my grandson was helping his sister with her reading. So precious when they get along. Happy for you great week!

Christine said...

Awww… love each and every part of this post! Playing together, fall decor, dates, and baptisms! Lots of good stuff in your weekend!! (and the ice cream… mmm… did I tell you I sent my grandma some Jeni's for her birthday?! It. Was. A. Hit.)