Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Sound of Music



It's not that I expected my children to be music prodigies. We signed them up for lessons this fall because (1) they've been asking for lessons for as long as I can remember, (2) we had the means to pay for lessons, and (3) it's a worthwhile investment.

What I didn't expect was how much time I was going to spend, as a parent, reminding them to practice, answering questions, setting the timer, ignoring the moans and groans when I remind them again to practice. I'm pretty sure Camden, especially, thought that he was going to pick up the guitar and drumsticks and immediately know what to do with them.

I took piano lessons from age 5 through college, and I clearly blocked off the aspect of playing an instrument that requires hard work and consistent practice. It should come as no surprise that Camden and Rory aren't huge fans of practice because I have (as Brian reminded me) memories of sitting at the piano with a little egg timer set to 45 minutes, crying through the entire 45 minutes. 

My poor parents.

When I was in 6th grade, my dad paid me $1/week in order to play the piano for our small church. As in, I played while the congregation sang. My first week I ran back to my seat on the pew when I forgot that we were singing 3 verses and stopped after two. 

I think it's safe to say that they won't be playing in public anytime soon, but I do hope these lessons will ignite a love for music as well as develop an appreciation for the feeling of accomplishment that comes when you improve as a result of hard work.





Monica said...

Go Mom, go! So thankful you're making them stick with it and not letting them quit. One day they'll be very glad.

Vicky said...

I took piano too, maybe 2nd grade through 12th. But I still don't feel musically inclined- I would need a refresher and lots of practice before I could truly get through a song again, I think. Grandma played by ear- it was magical to listen- you'd hum and she'd pick up chords and follow along- true talent. I think you're right, the kids will learn so much, and not just music!

Megan B said...

I was the pianist for my church too! I was in 8th grade and not very good. It was a really small church.

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

It was fun for me to read this post. I learned how to play several instruments when I was younger, and want the same for my boys... but I'm not ready to commit yet... this reminds me why. ;-) Spencer was looking over my shoulder and wants Camden to know he likes his drums. ;-)