Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taking Another Deep Breath

It may have taken 4 hours in the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center waiting room yesterday, but I finally got in to see Dr. C and received the news that my scan shows not only a few less tumors but a little shrinkage on one or two spots. I'm glad I didn't spend time worrying over scan results these past few days because that would have been a complete waste of time! 

Brian says we can give complete credit to God because we certainly can't give credit to my inconsistent medicine taking skills. As in, I didn't have the heart to let Dr. C know yesterday that I didn't need a Tamoxifen refill because I'm so far behind on taking 2 pills/day.

We're off schedule for the rest of our week with re-arranged music lessons, early dismissal today for Grandparent's Day, and no school the rest of the week (don't ask me how I feel about this). I'm working from home tomorrow, which is a good alternative to trying to find a sitter for the kids. Camden is officially too old for daycare at school. 

Today we're taking it easy. And by taking it easy I mean that we went to the grocery store, post office and pharmacy before noon, and I'm now playing referee to Camden and Rory's bickering. However, I was smart and stopped for iced coffee on the way home (since I didn't get to celebrate #nationalcoffeeday yesterday) and I plan to turn the music up loud enough that I can't hear the arguing and spend some time with my photos and scrap supplies.



Tia Dunaway said...

So glad to hear the results were positive! Praise God!

Norman said...

We are excited with you, and praising the Lord!

Mayme said...

Great news!!!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

HOOOOORRRRAAAAAYYYYY!!!! Doing a happy dance for you right now.