Wednesday, September 09, 2015

3-Day Weekend

Our 3-day weekend flew by, and I really took no pictures to share. For memory-keeping posterity, however, I'm going to do a quick list so we'll at least remember Labor Day 2015.
  • The weekend started off Friday with a very negative tone due to serious parenting challenge. We live in a tough, sin-filled world, and I'm guessing it only gets harder from here on out.
  • Saturday Brian and Camden mowed the church yard, played racquet ball, and met Rory and I for lunch at Chick-fil-A after I received a cute hand-written invitation to lunch from Rory. 
  • Rory and I took a good old-fashioned mother/daughter mall trip Saturday afternoon. (Sidenote: oh, my stars, shopping with an almost-9 year old is quite the adventure)
  • Saturday night Brian and I dropped the kids off with Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz and went to FlipBurger for supper (a new Richard Blais restaurant in Nashville - it was awesome) and then on to Bridgestone Arena for the Kelly Clarkson/Pentatonix concert (also awesome).
  • Sunday was church
  • Sunday afternoon was a viewing of War Room with some church friends. I have to say that I really enjoyed it and found it to be quite inspiring (and I'm not generally a fan of "Christian" movies since they tend to be cheesy and full of cliches). I became teary multiple times and Rory downright boo-hooed a couple of times, but in an inspired way, not because she was sad.
  • Monday was the annual Labor Day picnic with Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz (seriously, I took no pictures).
  • Brian worked literally every spare moment, and I came home Monday night and cooked two meals to stick in the fridge for later this week because our schedule is a tad crazy.
  • As in, we have something going on every single night this week (including the weekend) and most nights we're splitting up so we can cover everything.
If you're thinking Camden looks different here, that would be a result of his missing glasses - the casualty of Friday dodgeball.




Norman said...

Thanks, AGAIN, Melissa, for your posts and pictures. Love you, GMA Elledge

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Whoa! What a weekend! Doug was sick with some crazy cold so I'm NOT documenting ours. Ha!