Friday, September 25, 2015

Taking a Deep Breath

Can you feel me exhaling as the weekend rolls around? Our family feels a bit like we've just completed a marathon. The last 2 weeks have been two of the busiest I can remember, but we've made it. Maybe not thrived, but we've more than survived and that's good enough.

(Seriously, how do people maintain this kind of schedule for months on end?)

Not only has Brian had parent teacher conferences every. single. night. (for 2 weeks!), but I worked for nearly 60 hours in 4 days last week, worked the church Riverfest booth, won 2 soccer games, celebrated Rory's 9th birthday, and managed all the regular work hours, practices, activities, day-to-day life, etc.

Tonight is Brian's last parent/teacher conference; the 12-week Bible Study I've been leading/hosting at our house ended last night; Brian starts a new schedule (he will only be teaching reading from this point forward instead of 5 subjects), and I am hopeful that we can all just catch a breath. The kids are cranky from lack of schedule and free time, the adults are cranky from lack of sleep and have bloodshot eyes with bags under them (which is never a good look), and all 4 of us are looking forward to a little more breathing room in our schedule over the next couple of weeks. Life will still be busy, but not quite moving at the frantic pace we have muddled our way through recently.

I am off work today and have put aside the house and laundry (it can't get much worse in one day anyway) and spent some time starting a new Bible study on prayer. I've scrapped Week 38 in Project Life; I'm drinking a Starbucks cold-brew coffee; and I have the new Hillsong album playing throughout the house (thank you, Spotify).

How about a few pictures?






Bring on the weekend!


Norman said...

Melissa, enjoying the pics from this week. And all the news, of course. Thankful for everything: You and Jenna, Brian and his new schedule/subject, the family all being together, and maybe a more calm schedule coming up. Love

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Love the photos! And those red glasses? Awesome! I feel like we are in the middle of this right now. I'm looking forward to breathing a little myself once the 17th rolls around and we are in our new schedule too. Too many moving parts these days!