Wednesday, September 23, 2015

She's My New BFF

Mission accomplished: I am officially Jen Hatmaker's new best friend.

Okay, maybe only in my own head.

However, I did get to spend some quality time with her (sometimes being the CEO's assistant has its perks). I picked her up from the airport Thursday and thanks to a slow baggage claim and rush hour traffic, we spent over an hour chatting fast and furious. I then got to be her "person" for the 15 hours she was in Louisville and associated with our conference. Let's ignore the fact that she was sleeping for 7-8 of those hours; I was still her "person" for the remaining 6-7 hours.

I was determined to give her a rest from all the fan worship and not spend the time raving over her books, blog, TV show, etc. I did not mention all of the many things we have in common - adoption, our husbands are church planters, cancer in the family, oldest of 4 kids, sarcasm, love of all things FNL. Or that I've read every word she's written, both in print and digital. Or that I follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - that might have been weird.

 Instead, I chose to be professional (even though my inner self was freaking out) and the result was we had an absolutely lovely time chatting about many, many things. By the end of those 16 hours, we were sharing inside jokes (Hello! I had inside jokes with Jen Hatmaker!). To be fair, I am pretty sure that JH would be able to talk to anyone and make them feel like her best friend, but I do think we had a natural connection which resulted in easy, fun conversation.

My only concession to being a fan girl was when I told her about Rory (she's a serious Gilmore Girls geek).

Jen was just as lovely and gracious and hilarious and witty as she appears to be online, and it was a serious highlight of 2015 to spend some time with her.

It's a testament to my self control that I look semi-calm in this picture. :)

Today is scan day for me so I've spent some time at home this morning (which has been lovely - these mornings have been few and far between lately), but I'm heading out soon to meet a new friend for coffee then off to my scan. I won't have results until next week, and I'm feeling quite calm.

Meeting Jen Hatmaker gave me a lot more butterflies than this scan. And by butterflies I mean that I thought I was going to throw up in the moments before she appeared at the top of the escalator in the airport.

I don't feel that way about my scan.


Christine @ 12,450miles said...

THIS IS SO COOL!!! I absolutely love that you got to spend time with her!! I know how much that means. HOORAY!