Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Stable Again

We might have had to wait about 4 hours working our way through the Vanderbilt system, but the news that my scan was stable was worth the wait. I'm going to continue on Tamoxifen (a daily pill) for the next 8 weeks and then have new scans. I had a feeling this was going to happen - it's nice to be right. Dr. C is one of those worst-case scenarios kind of doctors, but I'll admit she scared me about 2 weeks ago when she announced her opinion was that my disease was progressing. It's nice to have stable back in the picture.

Because Brian was off work and it was a beautiful sunny 70-degree day, we had grand plans of lunch and celebrating at Jeni's with ice cream, but those extra hours at Vanderbilt nixed those plans so we ran next door to a college pizza spot and ate a piece of pizza on the run.

The kids when we told them the news.

Just kidding. I took these last week. :)


Christine @ 12,450miles said...


I’m so happy to read this. You’ve TOTALLY started my day out on the right foot. :)

And that picture of the kids was priceless!! (Even if you were just kidding.)

Ramsh said...

So happy to hear the scan was stable! I read your blog regularly, but rarely comment. Incidentally, I am a maternal-fetal medicine doctor (subspecialty of obgyn), and I knew Dr Crispens when I was a medical student.

Ramsh said...

(And every time you talk about her demeanor or something she said, I can absolutely picture it!!)

Da young Neun said...

Great news! I'm very happy for you and your family!