Sunday, April 26, 2015

Last Week

I found myself finishing off the week with a little bounce in my step. I don't think I live in constant fear or worry over cancer, but I would definitely say I could feel the unseen weight removed from my shoulders last week.

Tuesday night was the spring drama at school. Rory's class sang 2 songs, and Camden was in the cast of the drama. He was fantastic. I love how much he loves performing.  Here he is taking his bow - notice he is not holding hands with the girls on either side of him. They worked it out that if they kept their arms close and slightly beside them, no one would know they weren't holding hands. Hilarious.


Rory and I had appointments at the eye doctor Friday morning, and 3 hours later we had discovered her eyes had drastically declined over the past year with new glasses ordered and on their way. Seriously, the girl could not even read the largest line with her old glasses on!

Friday night our church hosted the David Platt Secret Church simulcast, and I am at a loss for a term to describe the experience. It was convicting, incredible, heartbreaking, inspiring all at the same time. It was 7 hours of teaching, and we completed a study guide that was 198 pages long! I'm pretty sure David Platt could set a world record for fastest speaker of all time. He literally can talk as fast as I can read. We didn't get home until nearly 1:30 a.m. so everyone slept in Saturday morning. Rory says she has never been up at 1:16 in the morning before.

Saturday we were finally able to celebrate Family Day for both Camden and Rory with Korean food and family. Sunday was church, of course, then lunch with friends; Sunday night Brian and Camden attended a men's event at church. Yes, it was a busy weekend!

This coming week promises to be a little lighter on the extra curricular activities, which is a welcome change from the rest of April.


Lori! said...

Poor doll!!! I remember my eyes changing that much when I was younger!!

Lori! said...

Poor doll!!! I remember my eyes changing that much when I was younger!!

Bob and Brenda said...

So very proud of the grandkids as well as their mom and dad. This grandma's heart couldn't be fuller!!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

What a week!! I'm tired just reading all of that! Whoa.

Vicky said...

I love that you feel a bit unburdened- amen to that. You live your moments so fully- and its a treasure to read all about them. Hope this week has been great too :)

Da young Neun said...

Camden is so shy and cute!