Friday, April 03, 2015

Home Again

We picked up the kids this morning, and spending a week with Gram and Gramps did them some good. They came home like two partners in crime, high-fiving and telling inside jokes. It was all kinds of awesome. Rory developed an aggressive hand clap and knee slap when laughing, along with an exaggerated squeal over the past week while Camden seems to have developed a good attitude. 

She also picked up this.

Camden says he would have picked it up, but she did it first. Riiiiiiigggggghhhhht. Not that I blame him, of course, because I wouldn't have touched it either.

When we arrived home, an announcement was waiting for them on the front door (this is as crafty/creative as I get, people). Their reaction was a little subdued, and I was feeling a bit disappointed when I remembered how overwhelmed I felt when I learned about the trip too. It's a lot to take in! They have since spent every waking minute counting up the days, reading all the brochures I have, and trying to decide what color they want their magic band to be.



I am so happy to have them home, but I'm also so glad they were able to spend the time with their grandparents, aunt and uncle. Not everyone is so lucky!



Christine @ 12,450miles said...

I’m so glad that they are back home… but what a special opportunity. They will remember their time with the grandparents for a long, long time.

And what a surprise to come home to!! My boys never “trust” big surprises at first… and then the excitement escalates. Sounds like your kiddos are having a similar experience (although I’m not saying it’s a trust thing) … sometimes you have to let the goodness sink in! :)