Friday, April 10, 2015


Busy week (I keep saying that, don't I?), but not much blog worthy. Kids have already finished their standardized testing so we have a lot of projects, field trips, special days on tap for the remainder of the year.

Hello, Rome Day.

Hello, end of Chinese studies day.

Hello, we're in desperate need of a haircut (happening today).

Hello, Ice Cream Day #4

I'm so tired of talking about myself, friends (I would rather have pretty pictures, reality TV, or funny kid stories to discuss), but here's my update from this week's visit with Dr. C. Her official words are that it's apparent my "disease is progressing." Coming up in the next 10 days I'm seeing a clinical trial oncologist, having a breast MRI, a CT scan with contrast, bloodwork, doctor's visit, then scan results on April 21. Also . . . . wait for it . . . . . . a dentist appointment. I might be dreading that one alot more than the other more important appointments. 

I was also supposed to make a 3-day trip to Baltimore in that same 10-day window, but my thoughtful boss let me off the hook, and that reduces the stress level immensely. I'm feeling fine, both physically and mentally. Not necessarily looking forward to these appointments, but I really feel fine.

I'm trying to cut myself as much slack as I can in small ways like not volunteering to host Bible Study at my house, taking an hour to scrap at some point today instead of doing laundry, etc. It really is a very busy time both at work and church so adding in all these medical appointments make life interesting to say the least.

I hope the upcoming weekend is lovely. We're going to enjoy some cooler temps (it's been mid-80's and super humid this week), and I have every intention of taking advantage of the combination of pretty weather and a free Sunday afternoon to grab some of those pretty pictures I mentioned earlier.


Joan B said...

glad to read you are being kinder to yourself. i cannot emphasize more strongly the importance of realizing how MUCH you are juggling and therefore, the absolute need to be as nice as possible to yourself. Oh, and the adorable kids do not look like they need a haircut to my eyes. Older age = less critical eyes on stuff like that! Best of luck with the medical appointments.

To China and Back said...

Or eyes of someone with 7 kids--much less critical on stuff like that. :) Kids look great. You're doing everything great--so take care of yourself. I don't like the "disease is progressing" report card.

Brigid DeLeo said...

I don't "know" you, but have followed you for give such good vibes and I just feel you are going to be a pioneer for others with this disease and you will get a report of "your disease is gone". My prayers are with you daily

Erin said...

Lots of love and prayers! You are strong and courageous and I'm praying for God's perfect peace.

KirstyB said...

Hugs and prayers from Massachusetts! Thinking of you always and praying for you and your sweet family!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Wait, what?! Oy. I feel so behind on life…

“The disease is progressing.” makes me wish I was on top of things. I’m so sorry friend. I’m going to continue to think positively about all the future ice cream days you have while I pray that you keep your peace during this time. HUGS.

And Camden on Rome day?! Why does he look like such a teenager?! Wow!