Monday, March 31, 2014

3 Years

Today marks my 3 year cancerversary - the day I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer (update: I just realized - because I clearly still have a bad case of chemo brain - that the actual date was March 30. For Pete's sake!). Blessedly, I do not remember much from this day as I was in surgery for many hours and sedated after that. We celebrated with ice cream for breakfast for the third year in a row. It's a silly little way to celebrate that life is good. That God is good.

It seems as if I would look back on that time surrounding diagnosis and treatment as the worst time of my life. And it probably was.

But mostly I remember being surrounded by friends and family.

Brian holding my hand and praying with me.

Flowers (and the beautiful smell of them) filling my hospital room.

My mom, brother, sister and twin nephews driving throughout the night to make it in time for surgery.

My brother staying home with Camden, Rory, William, and Xavier on surgery day and my mom and sister coming home to all 4 kids in different corner. Uncle Matt had finally had all he could take.

I remember feeling so calm.

I remember feeling so loved.

So many friends (most of them from the beautiful online world) did loving, creative things to make me feel better.

Like this video. (Look how tiny your babies are, friends!)

So today we ate ice cream at 6:30. Rory randomly quoted Romans 15:13, and I thought it couldn't have been more perfect.
"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him."


Brian has worn this teal ovarian cancer bracelet for 3 years.

And Camden's prayer this morning?
"Thank you, God, that she's lasted this long." Ha!


Vanessa said...

Keira's 4 year anniversary is the 8th. Praise god you both are doing so well!

Sue Smith said...

I have been a blog follower of yours for a couple of years through a friend who led me to your blog. Sometimes I feel like a stalker since you don't know me. I have prayed for you and your family in the ups and downs. My interest is probably rooted in the fact that my mom had stage 3 ovarian cancer at age 62. After surgery and treatment, she survived 24 more years! She passed away 10 days ago in her sleep at age 86......but hadn't had any recurrent problems from the cancer. She, too, had no family history of cancer. I lifted praise to God for your 3 year anniversary and prayed that, like my mom, he will give you many more years.

Sandy Atwood said...

Definitely celebrating with you - I am so happy that you are doing well! You continue to be in our prayers. PS I loved Camden's honest, sweet prayer.

digiscrapthat said...

Celebrating with you here too. I don't have any ice cream, but I have a big bowl of chocolate pudding with cool whip on top that I'm toasting to your health with! Praise God for this anniversary and for many, many more. Love Camden's prayer!

Vicki Bridges said...

Happy for you Melissa, God is good all the time... all the time God is good!

Trece said...

So very thankful! God truly is so very good!!

Christine said...

Happy Three Years!!!! WOOT! I'm raising you up in celebration tonight (because let's face it... I'm still struggling to get everyone up and out in the mornings!) HUGS my friend... HUGS!

(I loved seeing that video! So fun to walk down memory lane with so many familiar faces!)

Randi Oh said...

We celebrated with you and always will. Gd bless!

Amy said...

Happy 3 Years!!! Praising the Lord with you!