Friday, March 14, 2014

Snapshot #14

Outside my Window
 bright sunny skies

I am Wondering
What am I going to do for the next 10 days. By 8:15 on Spring Break Day One, Rory was already crying as a result of a wrestling match gone bad. At 9:10, they were bored. At 9:20 I sent them to their own rooms. When I finish this, I'm letting them watch a cartoon while I head to the treadmill. After that, it's anyone's guess.

Thinking About
I listened to 2 different podcasts this week, both about mothering. The first podcast talked about finding the holiness in the mundane. The second podcast basically said we've got to just get through these parenting days until we can have "me" time and be fulfilled creatively, personally, etc. I am thinking that while the first perspective might be slightly idealistic, it is alot more Christ-like than the second. And I've been guilty of leaning more towards the second selfish perspective.

It was a good reminder that what I'm doing here at home matters, despite how mundane and repetitive it often feels. It is building a foundation for my kids; a clean house, fresh laundry, good meals all help my kids know they are loved and secure while also serving as a model of how to love and serve.

I am Thankful
Ever since my computer/EHD issues, iTunes had been missing from my computer despite the hours I have spent trying to restore it. Brian fixed it last night, and it's like my long-lost best friend has returned.

Last 3 Purchases
Bath and Body Works candles (Lemon Mint Leaf is currently burning), a couple of spring shirts for the kids, this pink owl scarf
Dinner Plans
We're using an Olive Garden gift card for dinner. Yum!

 Future plans I'm looking forward to
A little spring break trip next week

Kid Funny
 Rory's first grade class is writing a book (which is being published and can be purchased by parents, of course) about their families. Rory's entry says something like "My mom's name is Melissa, my dad's name is Brian, my brother's name is Camden" and . . . . wait for it . . . . "We like to eat popcorn and watch something." 

I can pretty much guarantee that our kids watch the least amount of television of anyone else in their classroom, and that's what she says our family does. If Rory's teacher is reading, we "watch something" as a family like 1-2 times a week. Unless it's Olympics and then we spend unlimited hours in front of the TV. I will not admit how much TV I might watch at night after the kids are in bed.

Internet Funny

In the Kitchen
 Leftover chocolate chip banana bread, leftover sour cream noodle bake and some sandwich ingredients.

What I Wish Was in the Kitchen
garden fresh vegetables
and chocolate

 American Idol, The Voice, Survivor (such a train wreck this season but in the best possible way), Amazing Race (Go Brenchel), Parks and Recreation, The Heirs (2 episodes left) 

Trying to get back to reading some classics out loud to the kids so we've started Caddie Woodlawn. It has alot of words. My own spring break reading list includes the Lunar Chronicles trilogy.

Snacking on
Lots of sugar snap peas

 Spring break started today for the kids (Brian's break begins Monday), and I'm going to surprise them with a trip to the theater to see the Lego movie. We're also making a library run, supper at Olive Garden, and a trip to Hobby Lobby to make some purchases for our new church building. Did I mention I'm in charge of decor decisions for our brand new church? It's a bit intimidating, but exciting.

This is not a win-win photo situation right here. There's a reason I haven't dressed these 2 up and taken them out for something official in a very long time.


There's a time in my parenting career when I would have pushed and pushed for the right picture, but I'd like to think I'm learning a bit as time goes on. I gave up after these 2 shots and called it good.

Happy Friday (and spring break)!


Vicky said...

I love these posts of yours- feel as though we just sat down and shared tea together and talked and laughed. At book club last night one mom came late. She had church directory photos and her 13 year old- refused to go. REFUSED in such a way, they left without her. And I love my friend's response. First she took away her phone. Then the 3 others went and took a photo. Then, she ordered a big family portrait to hang in the living room :)

Da young Neun said...

They are so grown up! :)