Thursday, March 27, 2014


I was on my way to Nashville Wednesday morning for my 6 month visit to the breast center when I received a phone call from Liz (who happens to teach at the kid's school). It's super convenient to have a family member at their school, by the way. Rory didn't feel well and had a rash. I briefly considered not picking her up but then thought better of it and turned around.

We went to the doctor for a strep test (sore throat, rash, headache), but it was negative. Two hours later, a massive dose of Benadryl, and a nap later . . . and she was worse. A call to the doctor and a trip to the pharmacy, and she had some steroids. 

Which she promptly threw up. 

All over Brian's iPad. 

Thank heavens for a heavy-duty cover.

(will you hate me if I say that this might only be the second time she's ever thrown up?)

We visited the doctor again this morning (after a night with very little sleep), and she's got a new steroid in her system plus she's been on Benadryl for 24 hours with some Zyrtec on top of that. She's still covered in hives, but I *think* she's doing better.

I have forgotten how high-maintenance this child is when she's sick. We're talking a whole lot of whimpering and tears. And before you think I'm not compassionate, I know she's miserable and I feel horrible for her. 

Here's hoping that heavy dose of steroids kicks in quickly so she can get some relief. New hives pop up every time she scratches, and it's impossible to keep her from scratching. Believe me - I've tried!


Asleep at the doctor's office.

Those back dimples kill me. She's had them since she was baby, and I always wondered if they'd stay around.

And this one also kills me. For all their fighting, Camden just could not stay away from her yesterday afternoon. She was camped out on this chair, and he kept kneeling by her or touching her head when he walked by.


Beth said...

Oh goodness, she looks so miserable! :( and I love how sweet big brother is being to her. Reminds me of Zachary a lot.

Vicky said...

Oh those are some serious looking hives! And now, to wonder, what might have caused them? I pray she is resting more comfortably with each passing minute and is able to get this out of her system! Hugs to you momma- so emotionally exhausting I am sure!

Amy said...

Bless her little heart. She looks absolutely miserable. Praying she is better soon!

One of Nettie's Girls said...

I hope she is better very soon. It's okay to find caring for a sick one tiresome. It is very tiring. And, the preciousness of the brother-sister moment is too much!

Monica said...

:( Praying for both of you, and that the meds work quickly. Did you ever make it to your appt?