Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Numero Tres

We're on snow day #3. Still not complaining, but I have to admit that snow days have lost a bit of their magic. Kids are still having a blast. Parents might be struggling with entertaining those kids.

Our weathermen are wrong. Alot. But generally they're wrong because they're forecasting snow/ice/cold weather, which never comes to fruition. This would be day 4 of predicting the wrong temperature - it's been much colder than the forecast for once.

We've been playing games, giving Lego challenges (this was a complete disaster since Rory spent 2 hours basically putting together 5 pieces total while Camden built an entire scene), watching extra TV, reading, baking, playing in the snow, staying up late.

I finished up Downton Abbey and moved on to season 3 of Sherlock . . . and then PBS had the nerve to take it off their mobile viewing app. Here's hoping it comes back soon. Until then, I'll have to settle for Korean dramas and American Idol.

Church is already canceled for tonight so I think I might rebel against cooking and order pizza. Is it okay to make someone else deliver pizza when you think the roads are too bad to drive on yourself??

They are definitely still having way too much fun. I actually went outside myself yesterday to snap a few pictures. Almost completed busted it, but I managed to stay upright.




VinGirl said...

We tried to do the same thing and have our pizza delivered the other day for the same reason. :P Unfortunately we were having a bit too early of a dinner, and were too early for them to be delivering. I hope your pizza is yummy!

Becky said...

I totally vote for ordering pizza. I love the Lego challenge idea. Love the photos of the kids!

Christine said...

The multiple snow days in a row are killer... especially because you are all cooped up and there is only so much you can take when you cannot leave the house. Or, at least thats my opinion! :)