We've had a fairly busy couple of days, although ice canceled several of our events. While some of those events were going to be fun, some quiet time at home snuggled up in blankets because of winter weather outside is also kind of right up my alley. We drank alot of extra coffee, watched a movie or two, played some games, and mostly stayed in our p.j.'s. Here's our last 4-5 days in pictures.

Each night we're reading Advent scripture and then singing Christmas carols by the light of the tree (and iPad). Thank you, Becky, for this idea.

They won't win any kind of Pinterest award, but I went with what I had on hand and the kids decorated goodie bags for our church college kids.

Ice on Friday/Saturday.


After seeing what the rest of the country went through via ice/snow/loss of power, etc., our little ice seems laughable. It was enough to cancel school everywhere, Camden's Christmas program at the mall, and our city parade.

I cannot even tell you how well the kids played together Friday and Saturday. Clearly, a little alone time with their toys had been missing in their lives.

Sidenote: I feel as if I should admit we started Sound of Music Live and turned it off about 10 minutes later. Brian and the kids had absolutely no interest in it whatsoever. Does that make us less cultured?

Sunday afternoon, we went with a group from church to sing at a local nursing home. After singing to our big crowd of 5, we split up and went to individual rooms. My favorite part was Camden singing at the top of his lungs.

Brian's parents were in town for a very short visit. I have a feeling his mom would have preferred I take a picture sometime other than the morning, but it was my only opportunity.

Everyone had school again as usual yesterday, but today Brian is out again. The snow (can you really call it snow when it's less than an inch and supposed to be gone by 9:00 a.m.?) completely missed us, but he teaches in a different county and apparently some tiny section of his county was affected. As a teacher, he's completely on board with a school system that calls off for every little thing. He's off working at church right now, but we're hoping to take advantage of this unexpected day off a little later.


Norman said…
Been missing your post--glad to see you on again. We spent from Thurs. noon in, until yesterday. I didn't get out until last night actually. Saw your Clarksville "cousin" at her grandpa's visitation last night. She sees your church and the building site--says they should visit sometime. (Maybe her son is in Brian's school, maybe like K. Not sure. ) Good pics!

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