Boys and Girls

The difference in boys and girls is mind-boggling.

Or maybe it's just the difference in an oldest and youngest child.

Or the difference between a 10 and 7 year old.

Whatever it is, these photos kind of sum it all up.

Rory perfectly happy to be my test subject.

Now let's add 10 year old brother to the mix.

Having your picture taken is just. so. difficult.

A very small victory.

And let this serve as a before picture. Much-needed haircuts are this afternoon.


Amanda said…
I know exactly what you are going through. It's why it appears that I am either the mother to only an 18 month old or that I just like her the best. In all truth, she is the only one willing to be in front of the camera right now.
Joanna B said…
That is hilarious… I totally agree, and I don't think it's their ages. Several times throughout the day, I think to myself that boys are just so different, and why are they so weird?! Your boy sure is a cutie, though!
Oh, this cracks me up too. (And I can relate. S is in a "don't you DARE point that lens this way" phase!!! Booo.

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