Snapshot #11

Outside my window: rain, cold, more rain. It hasn't turned to ice yet!

I am thinking: how is it possible that I have the stomach flu again although my motto these days is that if it's not related to cancer, then I don't care that I'm sick.

I am thankful for: a snow day and several canceled events for the weekend, which helped make life alot more simple.

Last 3 purchases: our 2013 Christmas ornament, photo gifts for family, jeans from AE (50% off and desperately needed).
Dinner plans: leftover ham and potato soup for the family; saltines for me.

 Future plans I'm looking forward to: Clarksville's Christmas parade tomorrow night.

Kid funny: The kids singing Christmas carols. Camden never fails to impress me singing every correct word to every song he hears. And Rory? Oh, that girl has absolutely no ear for music even though she loves it.

I am reading: Unglued. Still. Making good progress, though. I ended up never even starting Cuckoo's Calling and read the Divergent trilogy instead. Also, the 843 Acres devotional blog.

In the kitchen: homemade chex mix (my favorite holiday snack), a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies we're giving away this weekend.

Watching: Hmm, lots of The Voice and X Factor (I have a serious addiction to reality singing shows - cannot wait for The Sing-Off next week), Survivor, (anyone else see that Tina's son was killed in a car wreck this week? So sad.). I'm hoping to rewatch season 3 of Downton Abbey before the new season starts in January.

Snacking on: well, that would be a big fat nothing right now since my stomach is churning.

Rest-of-the-day-plans: enjoying our "snow" day, working on goody bags for our church college kids, watching Sound of Music with the kids tonight, determined to feel better by tomorrow.

I feel like I try every year to capture how pretty and sparkly our tree is, but never quite manage it. I love keeping it lit all day and night.

Happy Friday!


Vicki Bridges said…
I think your tree picture is wonderful!
Vicki Bridges said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy said…
Hate to hear you are sick again! Hoping you feel better soon. Stomach bugs are the worst!!
X said…
Your tree is super sparkly! Feel good.

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