Christmas Tidbits

The kids finished up their fall semester with a Christmas party yesterday. We were home by 10:45, and they were bouncing. off. the walls. Lots of holiday cheer going on around here. :) I put Camden to work making our chex mix, and he did a great job. I might have handled the stirring once it went in the oven, but that's it.

Speaking of chex mix, I made this sweet version. Oh. my. stars.

One of Rory's Christmas crafts. The girl is seriously into crafting right now, which is unfortunate because her mother knows nothing about crafting.

Brian is in a whole new level of elementary school hell: colonial day the week of Christmas parties and break. He had to dress up, make butter from cream, dig holes in the ground (for something?). He came home yesterday exhausted and declared Teachers: 0, Students: 1. Today is their Christmas party and then he is out for a whole week and a half. That is not long enough, right?

I love Christmas music, and bought this Dave Barnes CD earlier this week. It's really fun!

We buy a new dated ornament every year. This year's came from Lisa Leonard (during her Black Friday sale).

So, yes. This is a picture of coffee set up in front of my tree on an ottaman. Don't judge. I thought the package was so pretty, and I wanted tree lights in the background. ;) And they had free $5 gift cards with the purchase of the holiday blend last week.

The kids were up bright and early quietly doing little Christmas crafts. It was sweet (and quiet), much appreciated since I was up until about 3:30 last night. Those quiet moments are gone, and they are now currently in the middle of a nerf gun war that is extremely loud and violent. I just heard Rory yell at Camden to stop shooting her because "I just don't feel so well." Of course, she feels well enough to chase him around . . . just not be chased.

Notice the freshly trimmed hair, btw.

And one tidbit from each kid.
1. "What in the great, green blazes is that?" . . . not exactly what I was expecting to hear our of Rory's mouth Sunday while we were getting ready for church.
2. Camden wrote in his teacher's Christmas card, "I hope that we have many more good times together." Cracks me up.

It is supposed to be 72 tomorrow. December 21. What is up with that?

Our weekend plans include some baking, pancake breakfast at church, candlelight communion service, babysitting Addison, dinner with Michael, Liz, and Addison, a haircut for me (hurray!) and packing for our Christmas trip. Happy Friday!


Amy said…
I cannot tell you how much that picture of Brian cracks me up! Bless his heart is all I can say. :) Hope he is able to savor every single day of the break away from his class!
Oy. A week and a half is NOT enough! (24 days is too much though, in case you were wondering!) ;-)

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