Tuesday Tidbits

I'm sure you've all seen this by now, but just in case: Pentatonix's Little Drummer Boy.

And for something a little less, well, pleasant, watch this version of O Holy Night.

I made it through not only Black Friday but Cyber Monday for under $15. Not gonna lie: it was hard. 

We're planning to watch the live airing of Sound of Music this week. Anyone else? And by "live" I mean we'll DVR it and watch it later.

I have managed to not take one single photo for a family Christmas card. At this point, I'm not sure I'll even do cards. It makes me feel a little like the Grinch.

It's possible I've been using leftover heavy cream in place of half-n-half in my morning coffee. Yum!

Anyone else watch The X Factor? It's my go-to at night when I'm trying to fall asleep (although I guess that's not exactly a rousing endorsement). Anyway, my favorite act is Alex and Sierra. Could they be any cuter?

What I'd really like to do every year is buy all new decorations for my tree, but since (1) that isn't exactly practical and (2) the kids would never let me get away with not using all their ornaments, we've had the same decorations for at least the last 5-6 years. I did add some burlap ribbon this year, and I think it looks so pretty. We leave the lights on pretty much 24/7 because I think it looks so sparkly and cozy.

Kinsley asked Camden to be her homecoming escort so we snapped a quick picture to use in the photo slideshow. They're so cute. Although Camden just looks frozen.

If one kid does it, they all do it.


Amanda said…
Love the tree. I also did a burlap ribbon around mine and I love how much it added, although half the lights on the tree went out last night and not sure how to fix or that I want to spend the energy finding that one bulb that blew.
Amy said…
Your tree is gorgeous! I'm loving the burlap ribbon on it. May have to try that. :)

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