Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Snapshot #6

Outside my window: green, green grass
I am thinking: about how I should feel embarrassed for going back to bed after I got the kids out the door this morning. I know. It's so luxurious that I feel guilty, but not only did I not sleep last night, I am all too aware that the little munchkins (they're too old to call them that, right?) will be here full-time in less than 2 weeks. I apologize to all of you who had to get up and actually go to work or take care of a houseful of toddlers today.

I am thankful for: being on the no-driving end of the car pool this morning. See above.

I am wondering: how all the poor teachers are going to survive these next 2 weeks of school because if every kid is as wound up as my two, the teachers most definitely need some extra thoughts and prayers. 

Last 3 purchases: I wish I had something really fun for this, but nothing comes to mind. How about what I'd like to purchase? ;) 

Dinner plans: these turkey nachos. We actually had them for supper last week too, but I accidentally got the ground turkey out of the freezer instead of the chicken thighs and didn't realize it until too late so we're having them again. Good thing they were super delicious! 

Future plans I'm looking forward to: summer break. I think. 

Kid funny: Camden has decided he's too old for p.j.'s so he's been sleeping in his underwear. It cracks me up to see his scrawny legs and chest when he comes out of his room. And he clearly isn't too modest yet because we have to remind him to put clothes on. 

I am reading: Not currently reading, but I just finished Delirium  and Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver 

In the kitchen: leftover chili, red cabbage (which I've never bought before), lots of raw spinach and frozen fruits for smoothies 

On my desk: a mess. Still. 

Watching: old seasons of Parks and Recreation as I drift off to sleep at night 

On my frequent playlist: White Flag by Passion. It is SO good. 

Snacking on: I just finished up a smoothie that involved unsweetened almond milk, ground almonds, blueberries, strawberries, and spinach. It's one of my favorites so far. Yesterday's was coconut water, spinach/kale/chard, fresh pineapple, and an avocado. I don't know if the recipes are getting better or if I'm getting used to the taste (and texture), but I'm enjoying them more. 

Rest-of-the-day-plans: sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor, making granola bars, writing notes to all the kid's teachers for Teacher Appreciation week, and most importantly: finishing up last night's DWTS episode.


Vicky said...

Well- lived life. Amen. I wouldn't change a thing- and yes the smoothies become almost addicting- except for kale I haven't acquired that taste yet so I add some extra fruit with that one :)

Amanda said...

I could have wrote the exact "kid funny" for Tre! Hannah walks around all the time now saying, "This is so disturbing."

Amy said...

That snapshot of Camden cracks me up! Those smoothies sound good! Need to try them since we're in a rut.

Christine said...

I'm so jealous that you got to go back to sleep!