Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Last Night

[Photography note: I've been giving my Tamron 28-75 lens a second try (hadn't pulled it out after buying my 70-200, but that lens now has a new home), and after several weeks of unsatisfying photos, I pulled out the trusty 50mm 1.4 lens. So much better! The light was so pretty that I didn't even try to edit them. My settings were f2.8, 1/320 SS and 250 ISO.]

Who tries to fancy up a t-shirt and jeans while attending a baseball game? Rory, of course.

You can't see it all, but she has on a necklace, bracelet, and ring. Her dog purse is full of lipgloss.

Lipgloss #1 (and her "I'm trying to ignore the camera pointed at me look."

Opening up Lipgloss #2

Her "I don't want to smile at you" look.

This would be a direct copy of the look Camden perfected way back here (second photo).

Lipgloss #3. Because you can apparently never have enough lipgloss within a 5 minute time period.


Time to rest. Being beautiful is alot of work.

And the reason we were at the ballpark in the first place.

So crazy and cool at the same time, but you can actually watch Camden's games live online. I hear they're a little patchy in terms of great online streaming but my parents were able to see the game last night from all the way in Illinois. Unfortunately, it was a pretty bad game to watch. The Pirates have done a really great job this season even when they've lost (I think their record is 4-3 right now), but last night's game was just rough all around. There's always next time!

And who drinks hot coffee in 81 degree weather? That would be Brian. He gets this trait from his dad.


Vicky said...

Seriously. cracks. me. up! I swear she has so many expressions and you've got them all down... way too cute. Our friends- newly pregnant with #3 went in to confirm its boy #3 only to discover its girl #1 :) And seeing this girly-girl just makes me giggle with what I know they are in store for!!

Christine said...

I had a similar realization about my Tamron recently. It's great when you have to use it... but I think I prefer to zoom on my feet. ;-) These are gorgeous!

One of Nettie's Girls said...

Love, love Cam's glasses!! Rock star!

Joanna B said...

She is HILARIOUS! She reminds me so much of my M, I love it!

KrisJ said...

She is so dang cute!