Monday, May 06, 2013

Science Projects . . . it's only the beginning

Our weekend was supposed to be quite full, but cold, rainy weather turned our Saturday into kind of a lovely shut-in day (it is somehow already the first week of May but our chilly temps and rain sure don't feel like May). It wasn't necessarily a restful day since it included some cooking and baking, closet cleaning, garage re-arranging, packing away our cold weather clothing (ironically enough since it's cold out) and an 8 hour science project.

Oh, yes, I said 8 hours.

School work comes SO easily to Camden that we tend to forget he's a typical 9 year old boy who can lose focus and become very distracted when faced with a challenge. After a skipped project earlier this year (when he literally hid the project from us until after it was due - so unlike him, by the way), we should have realized that this one would be a doozy. But we procrastinated and trusted in his super smarts.

Eight hours later, we decided we'll never trust those natural super smarts again. Props to Brian because he had to put his teacher skills to good use and did most of the sit-along-beside-the-9-year-old-kill-me-now overseeing of the project.

This would be early on when he was still excited about working.

And this would be before his not-so-bright parents realized that the reason his scissor skills are so poor (and soooooo slow) are because he's LEFT HANDED and every single pair of scissors we own are for RIGHTHANDED people. Parents of the year right here.

I have a feeling the projects only get more involved from this point on. Heaven help us all.

In other news, it was (inter)National Digital Scrapbooking weekend, and while I would have liked to have spent more time online, I did get 3 pages scrapped last week in preparation for the celebration. I've been doing this scrapbooking thing for 7 years now, and while my enthusiasm for the process ebbs and flows, the feeling of accomplishment I get when I know I've documented our family's memories well never goes away.

121911_all right


031811_go team


Vicky said...

Ahhh- those pages are treasures and I am certain it never grows old in making them. Camden apparently took a page out of Nolan's book on project doing- he informed us today his history board project was supposed to be finished tomorrow - but he knows he can make it all come together tonight- thank goodness my hubby will be the overseer on this as well!

Amanda said...

I got to be the lucky one to sit in on the project yesterday as we put it off till the last minute. I had the pleasure of sitting through lots of whining and crying about how hard it was etc....but it's done and thankfully turned in today.

One of Nettie's Girls said...

Science projects have been the most dreaded projects in my household. It is just a way for teachers to torture parents.

Christine said...

I currently love science projects. But, I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I am choosing them and overseeing them as I see fit now. I'm not looking forward to losing control. :-/ I'm so sorry that it took EIGHT HOURS. Egad!

Amy said...

Oh my word. 8 hours?! Thank goodness the school year is almost over, right? :)