Thursday, May 09, 2013

Making the Band

On the way home from school yesterday.

Rory: I've decided I'm definitely starting a band.

Me: Oh, yeah? Well, who's going to be in it? (because this is the first I've heard about a band)

Rory: I was thinking you and Camden.
Maybe Daddy can jump in there if his back is better on Saturday.
You can play the piano. I haven't come up with a job for Camden yet.

Camden: You know I can sing, right? (a little indignantly)

Rory: But I was going to be the singer! (said in a very whiny voice) 
Can you whistle?

Camden: Seriously. I can sing. (starting to get disgusted)

Rory: I just have to find a song where I know all the words.

Camden: Oh, boy. I'm out.

I'm not sure where this band enthusiasm came from, but she laid on my bed listening to music on my phone for almost an hour and then informed Brian when he came home that our band was called The Lewis's Family Themed Band and asked him to join it. Camden is officially out.

Pulled out the camera when we got home yesterday because (as the kids informed me) I've slacked off of my weekly picture lately.

Camden is kind of okay with the camera.

Until Rory wants to hug him.

"look at each other and say booger"

This trick works almost every single time.

I don't know how he resists her.

Turns out he can't.



Joyce said...

I will pay to see the band!

Mayme said...
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Mayme said...

I love the second picture of them. I love the look on his face. He just has that look of a slightly annoyed big brother:-)

Monica said...

This whole post has me laughing. LOVE the pictures, and their conversation! How did Brian respond to the band idea?

Christine said...

The band story has me CRACKING. UP. So funny. And the photos are stunning! Glad those kiddos got on your case! ;-)

Amy said...

Absolutely perfect name for the band! :) Love the pictures of those 2!!

Krista said...

Out of the mouths of babes... such funny stuff!