Chemo Brain

I frequently stop in the middle of a sentence because I can't remember what I was talking about.Of course, my friends tell me that's old age, not chemo brain.

I watched the ending to a current episode of Beauty and the Beast THREE days in a row because I could not remember what happened the next morning.

I received responses Sunday from 3 emails I sent Saturday night. Unfortunately, I do not remember sending those emails.

I recently ordered duplicate sets of hair products. On the same night. From different retail stores. And didn't remember until they showed up.

I ordered Lush bath bombs for Mom, Becky, and Liz. Too bad I have no memory of placing that order, but it was a nice mail surprise.

Notice a shopping theme here?

I've stopped playing Draw 4 Free because my drawings were so bad my mom was taking pictures of them with her phone so she could remember and laugh.

So if it weren't so scary, it just might be funny.

Week 4




Vicky said…
I have such huge lapses from last year! My book club brought me a book they swore I wanted to read- I don't remember the conversation, the title of the book- or ever desiring to read it. I showed the same friend 2 times minutes apart- some stuff I got in the mail...she turned white as a ghost and stammered "you just showed me..." I was horrified... I feel you on this!
Vicki Bridges said…
My son is on chemo right now and recently I was talking to him on his cell phone when he interrupted me to ask his wife where his cell phone was. That one was weird!
But we just roll with it, don't we?
Oh man... I can't even imagine! Although, it must be nice getting surprises in the mail like that! ;-)
Wow--I think that is a step further than old age!! Although we are watching a TV series on DVD right now, and I have to ask Jason every night about what happened on the last episode.
Amy said…
Maybe you should milk the shopping aspect of this as long as you can. Just keep telling Brian you don't remember buying a new pair of shoes or purse or dress. You get the idea. ;)

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