A Whole Lot of Nothing

Brian went back to work yesterday, but Camden and Rory don't start back up until Monday so I'm finding it very hard to head into 2013 with any sort of motivation or schedule. Add to that a sore throat/stuffy nose that won't go away and very little sleep, and I feel a bit as if I've completely squandered away these last 2 weeks. My poor sister, who is teaching her first year of school, spent her entire break traveling to and from Nashville and then down completely with the flu so I guess I should not be complaining!

We've been taking it easy around here, which means letting the kids stay up late, playing the Wii alot more than usual (we typically reserve it only for weekends), watching movies (I've watched 6 so far, which is more than I watched all of last year I think), staying in our p.j.'s and eating our way through the holiday (that has got. to. stop.).

I had all sorts of unrealistic plans to have Christmas stories and pictures scrapped/blogged before the new year so that we could leave Christmas 2012 in the past, but I've been too busy doing nothing so I guess we'll have to revisit Christmas in a couple of days.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures I took of the kids after church before Christmas. It was super gray and gloomy out, but they looked so cute dressed up that I couldn't resist pulling out the big girl lens (my 70-200mm) and camera to snap a few. I can tell by how few pictures I've taken outside this winter how much I'm missing our pretty country scenery. Somehow our front porch and shutters just aren't as pretty as a big yard and trees. Not complaining because this morning I drove 2 minutes from the house to return Redbox movies, and yesterday we drove less than 10 minutes and had lunch at Chick-Fil-A. ;)



She is SO enamored with these boots.

Right after I snapped this picture, Rory said, "I feel like I should be married to Camden." He replied indignantly, "It's ILLEGAL!" She is very caught up in romance right now. Not sure what to blame the fascination on other than she's a girl?

Did I mention it was freezing outside?



Renee T. said…
Those boots are fantastic! Love these pics of the kids :)
Melissa said…
I want those boots!!!! Molly is very into marriage right now too. Several times a day she is asking the boys and Greg to marry her. It's very sweet, but drives the boys crazy!

We've been doing a whole lot of nothing around here too ... oh, and the eating. The eating. Don't even get me started!
Beth said…
I laughed about Rory wanting to marry Camden. Quinten is 6, and beyond thrilled because with the upcoming addition of Bella, everyone now has someone to marry. ;-)
Such sweet photos! (I suffer the suburban blues too... which is why many photos are in front of the garage.)

I've got nothing to show for myself either. So sad!

Lori said…
I do believe you might have the cutest kids on the planet! Love Rory's outfit.
Amy said…
Love them all but the first one is my favorite!
Amanda said…
OH my these 2 are so adorable!! Love the pictures. Beautiful as always!

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