Five on Friday (March 9, 2018)

I'm posting late this weekend even though I actually had this written and ready to go. So here's Five on Friday on Sunday. ;)

1. Soccer began with a bang this week. First game (after only 1 practice) was against a much larger school accompanied by cold temps and rain. Camden came away pretty banged up with a swollen eye and missing contact. The team lost 5-0 but were expecting a much more significant loss so I guess it was a win? Kinda?

2. My cold piled on top of chemo had me pretty beat this week, but I'm feeling surprisingly well even after Wednesday's treatment (ETA: cold took a nose dive Sunday). The schedule was too full to do a good job of taking care of myself last weekend, but I have a better plan in place for now. I feel ridiculously proud of myself for taking a walk Thursday afternoon (and ridiculously happy to have felt well enough for a walk).

3. Since my last book update, I've finished up 3 books. Lilac Girls was devastating to read, but so good. The kids and I listened to I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives via audiobook and I would recommend it. Everything Here is Beautiful was only a 2-star book. I started Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet last night, and I can already tell it is lovely.

4. I took advantage of a Plated coupon and signed up for a month of deliveries. Even though the recipes are in the arena of 45 minute prep time, just not having to make a menu and do the shopping is a relief. And the variety will be an awesome addition to dinner; it starts March 17 and I'm really looking forward to it. The other night I made a lemon pasta dish and Camden was so thrilled that it wasn't soup or a casserole that he could hardly contain himself.

5. Weekend plans include finishing up our last week of Galatians at Bible study; we're hoping to go see Black Panther (ETA: yep, saw and loved it) and I would really like to get in a coffee date with Brian (ETA: did not happen). Also, we plan to have Saturday night family dinner at mom and dad's.




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