Five on Friday (March 16, 2018)

I have planned this in order to display my glory through Pharoah and his whole army. After this the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord. -Exodus 14:3-4

The week started out with cold and snow but we're on day number two of beautiful spring weather and even though I'm generally a cold-weather kind of girl, 70 degrees is about to win me over. We only have the good stuff planned for the weekend - guitar lesson for Camden, lunch date for the adults, church on Sunday, and a Crowder concert for the whole family Sunday night. And only one more week until spring break for Brian and the kids!


1. Speaking of breaks, I received permission for a 4-week chemo break. The break would have started immediately but I wanted to delay for a month for no other good reason that I wanted to enjoy the anticipation of a break. Wednesday was the last treatment for cycle 16 (hurray!). Mom and I went to lunch prior to my appointments and then I introduced her to Barista Parlor.

2. Brian experienced another bout of gastritis this past week - something specifically related to stress so spring break can't come quickly enough. The good news is that medicine seems to work quickly for him.

3. On Monday afternoon, we came home to clean laundry and clean sinks thanks to my mom. What a gift! The kids were so cute, especially Camden, who emphatically declared, "she's not doing our laundry!" when I told them she had offered. She received a couple of hours alone in a quiet house and fast internet and we got clean laundry!

4. Our much-used and much-loved espresso machine started smoking this week so we may be putting that excellent Bed Bath and Beyond return policy to work.

5. Fields trips are few and far between once you move past elementary school, so Camden was especially excited to go to the Corvette museum in KY yesterday. And in true sentimental form, he bought himself a little souvenir. Boys and their cars.

(he took his own pictures and edited them as well)


Happy Friday!


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