Five on Friday (March 23, 2018)

1. Fourteen years ago today we flew to Chicago to become parents. Camden was the sweetest baby and we are just the luckiest to be his parents. Photo is from his first week home. I cannot look at it without crying.


2. We welcomed spring this week with temps in the 30's and snow/freezing rain, which sounds about right for Tennessee. Breaking records for heat one week, way too cold the next.

3. Sunday night we went to a Crowder concert to celebrate Family Day with the kids. After Brian and I went to see Crowder last fall and just had the best time, we knew that we wanted to give the kids the same experience. Unfortunately, the concert was managed by a church and not only did they oversell tickets, but the set up was horrible and we could not see a thing. Literally, I didn't even lay eyes on Crowder or his band because the set up was so awful. I couldn't even see the very small screen set up behind the stage. I was also sick as a dog (see next point). Anyway, the kids still had fun I think, but it wasn't the magical experience that Brian and I had hoped.




4. I was diagnosed with pneumonia (the result of 3 weeks of a cold) and ear infections Monday. It was a pretty awful day; I'm not sure when I've felt so horrible. As a result, I was off work Monday, worked from home Tuesday, had a half day of doctor's appointments Wednesday, worked Thursday and now Friday morning I've been making up some work and not feeling as good as I'd like to be honest.

My parents have helped out tremendously with last-minute rides to school for the kids, taking dirty laundry out of the house, bringing clean clothes back in along with supper. Mom accompanied me to the doctor (regularly scheduled scans and eye dilation) while dad took the kids to Dunkin' Donuts and school. Everyone should be lucky enough to have parents like mine.

5. Rory's school choir is competing today in Murfreesboro and it's all she's talked about. Camden had yet another soccer game cancelled and it's all he's talked about.

Spring break starts at 3:15 this afternoon (when school lets out) for Brian and the kids, and I'm not sure Brian has ever been so ready. Happy Friday, friends.


Rome day at school. Rory is good at being a goddess.



mcgowan moments said…
Hope you’re feeling better!! I agree, Rory certainly mastered that pose! And how has it been 13 years😞. Love that pic. See you guys soon.

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