Friday, January 20, 2017

Five on Friday (Jan. 20, 2017)



1. My parents came for a visit (and my mom stayed) so they were able to attend basketball games, drive me to chemo, and join me for breakfast at Biscuit Love with my friends Tina and Kathy. My mom has been doing all kinds of work around the house while I convalesce.

2. Rory tied for first place this week for her 4H demonstration speech on how to use chopsticks. I stumbled across this old video of her using chopsticks as a wee little one, and it is hilarious.

3. So we have a new president. I'm not sure I have anything constructive to say about this, but I did find these cute pictures from the inauguration 8 years ago. Click here. It was a gray rainy day for the inauguration, and I kind of wanted to stay in my pj's and watch, but mom and I went to my Bible Study group instead and it was a much better choice for the morning.

4. Reading has been slow these past few weeks, which is kind of hilarious since I've been making my big long 2017 Reading Challenge book list. I should get started on the actual reading part of the challenge.

5. People have been so kind and generous to us over these weeks from meals to cards, gift cards, and notes. Last week we received an unexpected smoked pork loin that was the absolute best piece of meat I've ever put in my mouth. My mom also brought this beautiful piece of artwork with her from a friend (she calls her a kindred spirit). Not only is it beautiful, but the colors are an exact match to my brand new pillows. It is titled "He Will Calm the Storm."




(Ignore the fact that I posted this 4 days past Friday)


Mayme said...

Love the video. How did our girls grow up so fast??? Glad you've had mom around!! Keeping you in my prayers..

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

I don't understand how I get so behind! (I do, actually... your posts always inspire me to comment so I need to wait until I have two uninterrupted minutes...) 1. Little Rory and the chopsticks is ADORABLE. 2. That painting?! AMAZING. Does your mom's friend sell them or just gift them? I'm seriously blown away by it. 3. Reading lulls are real... I get that all too well! :)