Five on Friday (Dec. 16)

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. 
-Hamilton Wright Mabie

1. Kellie came and took our family pictures Monday. It was a minor Christmas miracle that both Camden and Rory cooperated with a camera present. Those 2 hours Monday afternoon were lovely, both the time spent as a family smiling and snuggling and the time spent catching up a bit with Tyler and Kellie. When we got into the van, Camden let out a happy sigh and then yelled, "Well, that was a success!"


2. Camden's final ballgame of 2016 (season resumes in January) was Tuesday night, and they experienced their first loss. I hear there were tears shed in the locker room. Being a part of this team has been so good for Camden; he loves being a part of a tight-knit group and the sense of community that comes with working together toward a shared goal.

3. I spent all day Wednesday at Vanderbilt. And when I say all day, I literally mean all day (10 hours). Still convinced that this trial is God's provision for us, but the weight of beginning this treatment feels heavy. The time commitment is similar to adding a part-time job into my schedule (who has time for another job?), and the thought of being bald with no eyebrows or eyelashes indefinitely is unthinkable.

4. Brian and Camden decided to spend the first truly cold day this season outside deer hunting. We all warmed up with mid-morning coffee when they returned.


5. When we found out my Wednesday was going to be spent at Vanderbilt instead of at our monthly coffee date as planned, my friend Kathy asked what she could do for me. I replied, "figure out a way we don't have to cancel coffee." So we met this morning instead, and it was just what I needed. They listened to me complain and then we laughed, drank coffee, exchanged gifts. For January's coffee date, they're going to join me in the infusion room.


Bonus: The holiday spice flat white at Starbucks is surprisingly delicious! Everything tastes better in the red cup.


This weekend is our busiest of the month. School Christmas program tonight, church Christmas program rehearsal and children's party tomorrow afternoon, youth group Christmas party tomorrow night, church Christmas program (both services) Sunday morning, and Christmas missions fundraiser/pie auction Sunday night. Brian and I have to be at Vanderbilt at the crack of 7:00 a.m. Monday morning.


Thinking & praying for you and your family ♥♥♥♥
Praying for you!

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