Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Brian and I started off the school year by setting a few goals for ourselves and the family. Nothing huge, but the adults resolved to spend less time on Facebook. I want to finish my study in Galatians before I begin teaching my Friday morning Bible Study in September, a little more character-building around the supper table, etc.

We attempted multiple times to get the kids involved, but goal setting is apparently not a kid thing. For instance, the only thing Rory could come up with was to exercise every day. Of course, she has PE every day at school so that "goal" is accomplished without any effort on her part. Camden took the idea of setting goals as a criticism of his personhood and after a week's deliberation begrudgingly landed on "focus more on school." When the lowest grade on your report card is a 97, I'm just not sure that more focus on school is exactly necessary.

So, clearly, goal setting wasn't a big win from the kid's perspective, but still beneficial. One of the main goals for adults was to set aside a couple of hours every other weekend. The gold standard of weekly date nights has always been very out of reach (we still haven't even celebrated our anniversary from back in May), but as the kids grow older and can easily stay at home without a sitter for a couple of hours, setting aside every other Saturday afternoon seems doable.

I've already noticed it makes me feel better to see a time on the calendar when I know I will have Brian's undivided attention. Two weeks ago we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, followed by grocery shopping. This past weekend we went to a little cheesecake bakery that's been on our list to try for a while now and discussed the budget. So romantic, right? After nearly 20 years of marriage, time alone is nearly the same thing as romance.