Friday, August 05, 2016

Five on Friday (August 5)

1. I delivered both kids to school this morning (they've each been one day this week already, but separately) and breathed a sigh of relief. Anyone else feel like they've accomplished something when the summer is complete and kids are safely back in the hands of the professionals? (yes, I hear you teacher friends - including my husband and 2 sisters - silently protesting this). We stayed up all the nights, ate all the ice cream, talked all the talks, played all the games, read all the books, watched all the Food Network and now it's back to reality. I will admit that a 5:15 wake time felt very early this week. As usual, I didn't quite appreciate the slightly later alarm while it was available.

Ice cream on the last night of the summer (Brian also returned to school this week)

2. Rory and I went to NCT to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Sunday afternoon. Everything NCT is quality and Joseph was no exception (although this is kind of an oddball musical).

3. We're all in for Olympic watching beginning this evening. I even looked up a few Brazilian recipes (and promptly decided on the easiest one) for supper tonight. Only thing that would make the Olympics better is if they would have happened prior to the start of school. I feel like we could have really taken advantage of 24-hour coverage and seriously camped out for the duration if there weren't this silly thing called school to contend with.

4. I found out this week that I was chosen for the launch team of a book I have been waiting to read for MONTHS. More on this this later, but let's just say I pre-ordered this book back in February (that's how much I was looking forward to reading it) and I have linked the author here many, many times.

5. I think calling this crafty might be pushing the definition of crafty just a bit, but I took Rory to our brand new Michael's store and bought embroidery thread to make friendship bracelets. It's pretty much the only crafty thing I remember doing successfully as a child (the sewing and embroidery were both complete disasters despite my mom's attempt to teach us every summer).



Bonus: When I asked Rory how her first day of school was, she replied that her teacher was "you know, real happy."


Vicky said...

Ann's new book? I was wondering about her launch team!! I'll hope that is the one. But I see Lysa T. has a new one and so does Shauna N. They'd all be great. Cannot believe you're in school! We have until Sept. 6th to start school- another full month-oy.

Melissa said...

Cannot believe how early we start school. Waiting until after Labor Day seems so ideal. Have you heard of Shannan Martin? She's my long lost Bert friend who doesn't even know it 😄 And it's her book I'm helping out with and loving.