Friday, August 26, 2016

Five on Friday (Aug 26)


Just like Alexander, we have had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day . . . all week long. The good news is that those terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad days are completely redeemable so we are happily leaving this week behind.

1. Brian and Rory had the opportunity to attend a Titans pre-season game. Camden was a little bummed to be left behind (welcome to Rory's world, C), but we logged in some solid Olympic viewing while they were gone.



2. Rory's baseball career started and ended within the space of 4 days. She wanted to play (because Camden plays) so we signed her up for fall ball. When we found out it was co-ed, she was less than thrilled. Later in the week, she received an invitation to go to American Heritage Girls with a friend from church. As soon as we walked into that meeting, I knew she had found her thing. It is very Southern precious (and I am not Southern or precious), but it is absolutely Rory's style and I'm happy for her to have something that Camden has not already experienced (the curse of the youngest child I think). Staying true to the spirit of this week . . . we missed the first meeting.

3. No more glasses for Camden. Bring on the contacts, and we couldn't be happier about it. It's a big adjustment because learning to put something directly onto your eyeball is tough, but I think contacts are a big win. Here he is geared up to mow the yard with sunglasses (he's never been able to wear sunglasses before) and this crazy water backpack thing that a soldier friend gave him. He looks hilarious.



I'm happy to have a clear view of his eyes these days.

4. After falling asleep while watching the Olympics Saturday night, Rory walked through the freshly mopped kitchen and took a hard fall on our ceramic tile floors. She was not fully awake and kept screaming, "I can't feel my ears!" Because I am nothing if not a compassionate nurturing mother, I had to stifle the giggles. By Sunday afternoon, her elbow was alarmingly swollen and black with bruises so we had it checked out. She has to put up with a splint and sling for another 10 days with no recess or PE, but the xrays confirmed that it is not broken. We have spent a shocking amount of money this week on this arm, but I am very glad it's not more serious. The orthopedic surgeon proclaimed her to be one seriously tough little girl. Rory didn't appreciate the "little" in that definition, but I appreciated the "tough."



5. Speaking of doctor's appointments (we've had 4 in the last 7 days!), Camden and Rory had physicals this week. Rory weighs all of 50 pounds soaking wet (literally, she was soaking wet from the rain and fully dressed when I weighed her last week and the doctor's scale confirmed). I keep reassuring her that there will come a day when she does not mind being the smallest, but she cannot fathom it. Camden, on the other hand, has shot up into the 75% of his age group and Dr. H assures me that this growth spurt is not actually a growth spurt and he is on track to be one very tall teen/adult . . . much to Rory's chagrin.

Here's to a Friday evening with nothing more exciting planned than grocery shopping followed by pizza and a movie.


Vicky said...

We go through that stage of our "littles" not being so little anymore, and not wanting to be so prominent on our blogs it seems. But look- somehow you have them again- more grown for sure- but they are not hiding! Love dipping in and out of your week this way.