Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Snapshot: Camden

Twelve years ago Brian and I woke early after a night of little sleep - because who can sleep when your life is about to change - to fly to Chicago to meet an endearing 8-month old Korean baby. He was wearing too-big mustard yellow socks, and he smiled at us almost immediately. The college-aged Korean man who spent over 24 hours traveling with this little one strapped to his chest was the first Korean we had ever met. We did not speak Korean, and he did not speak English. That sweet man, with tears in his eyes, handed the baby to me, and I became a mama. I still can't think about it without tears in my own eyes. Twelve short years ago.


A few things about Camden on this 12th Family Day:

Reading . . . everything he can get his hands on. His love for reading has not diminished over the years, and you can almost always find him with his nose in a book. He especially loves books with magic/fantasy worlds (think Harry Potter, Wingfeather Saga, The Marvels by Brian Selznick).

Eating . . . anything you put in front of him. The kid inhales food, and he pretty much likes everything although raw vegetables aren't necessarily a favorite. I would call him a foodie because of his palate for new and exotic foods (no fast food junkies here), but he adds Sriracha to supper every night so that kind of negates his foodie status.

Feeling . . . all the feels. As he matures, he feels in a bigger way, more in tune with others, more compassionate in general. And, oh, the book characters. He invests heavy emotions in book characters. Recently, after finishing a favorite series with a less-than-desirable ending, he set books aside for 7 whole days (definitely a record). And he was wrecked this week when we finished Harry Potter #6 and learned of Dumbledore's death. Wrecked.

Persevering . . . I love the progress we're seeing as he tackles hard things. For instance, he decided to cut out dessert/sweets and soft drinks for the month of March, and he has been rock solid. Middle school is not easy to navigate, but he is persevering not only in school work but in character development.

Striving . . . to find a sense of accomplishment in real life situations (vs. winning a video game). For example, completing a difficult physical job, learning a new guitar skill, finishing a school project. So much progress over the last several months.

Winning . . . at life. This kid is so smart, funny, talented and such a deep thinker.

Avoiding . . . the camera, but not hugs from mom and dad.

Favorites . . . teal (color), he could not choose a favorite food (which doesn't surprise me in the least), The Warden and the Wolf King (book), Glow in the Dark by  Jason Gray (song), Young Justice (TV show), baseball (pitching, in particular).

Celebrating . . . Friday with a trip to a Tennessee State Park and lunch (he's having trouble deciding which restaurant, of course).


An old picture, but one of my all-time favorites.


Norman said...

Thanks for such an insightful "pose" or "picture" of such an awesome son! You guys are so proud to call him your son; and so are we to call him our great grandson! I have been watching the pics of late, and how he has such a delightful happy sunshine expression on his face. I know God has been involved in all of this, and we thank Him, as well as your willing to open up your hearts to one who was born so far away! Love to all, Grandma E.

Lisa said...

HI Melissa My name is Lisa I have been reading your blog for about three years now!! Tonight I wanted to check in on you and had to wrack my brain to remeber "Life as a Lewis" I do not mean this to sound weird although I think I may be failing at that !! Anywho... I am glad that your life has normalized agian and that you are back to work and doing great. I found your blog during a time of profound loss which I went through after a divorce in which I experienced deep loss.Hence I found reading blogs thereapuetic and helpful,now that I am at a different place (praise God) I do not need the blogs any longer, but will sometimes , during a break from school etc. check in on the different blogs and people I used to follow. Melissa I admire the honest way that you follow christ,admitting struggles and fear, but in the end trusting. Also i too binge watch netflix and read voraciously. That is when I am not studying for school.

Mayme said...

I cannot believe how time has passed. That sweet baby has grown into a very fine young man. Miss you all and think of you often.

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

TWELVE YEARS. Wow. Time flies.

I so enjoy your updates on the kids since I feel like I have met them in real life after a post like this. (I also have fun imagining what our lives will be like when we are at this point.) What an amazing son you have. Really and truly.