Saturday, July 18, 2015


I snuck into the birthday boy's room Wednesday morning hoping to catch him asleep, but he was already awake. He looks both too big but like a little boy all at the same time. Time is passing by so quickly, and when I first became a mother, I could have never imagined that I would like 12 year old boys. In fact, I distinctly remember telling my friend Tina, "I don't want a big stinky boy!"

But it turns out I do like 12 year old boys. This particular 12 year old boy anyway.

I chose these 2 pictures from his birthday morning because they show his new-to-us modesty and hesitancy that peeks out when the camera makes an appearance. And I love his brown shoulders that are becoming broader than I would have thought his previously skinny little shoulders could be.



Rory bought him a gift with her own money (and her idea), and she was so proud of herself.


He endured a hug.


I can't wait to see how he develops into a musician. He's already wearing his fingers out learning chords and watching tutorials.



He chose sushi at Pei Wei for his birthday meal and then we went shopping for both school supplies and school uniforms (he could have done without this part). This weekend we made a quick trick to east Tennessee (as in down one day and back the next) and left both kids so they could spend a few days with Gram and Gramps before school starts back up. We celebrated his birthday again with Pioneer Woman's tres leches cake and pistachio almond ice cream, Uncle Jon, Aunt Robin, a great grandpa and great aunt.



Vicky said...

It feel like coming home when I catch up on your blog. 12? Really? How did that happen? He HAS changed in appearance, definitely growing up, but just as handsome as always.

MyEbella aka Kim said...

This 12 yr old stuff, deeper voices, facial hair....I'm not ready for all of this!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

TWELVE!?!? I seriously do not understand how that happened!!! Regardless... many, many wishes for a WONDERFUL & FABULOUS TWELTH YEAR!!!