Friday, July 03, 2015

Catch Up

This summer is quite different from previous ones (and not just because of the Disney trip). This is the first summer that I've worked, and it is quite a different experience to leave Brian and the kids behind 3 days a week. I am so glad that I asked for a reduced work schedule back in May because it would have been very difficult to be gone 4 days each week. Because of Brian's busy schedule during the school year, summer is generally an 8-week stretch of freedom for us. Not so much this year, but we're making it work. At the very least, it's a slower pace which we can all appreciate!

We do not have big plans for the holiday weekend in terms of celebrations. I think we're skipping fireworks because of rain, but it'd be pretty hard to measure up to Disney fireworks anyway (is anyone tired of my never-ending Disney references yet?). Tomorrow night is a church picnic/volleyball tournament. Sunday we're having some friends from out of town over for dinner.

Today we spent the day running around Nashville shopping for granite counter tops for the kitchen. Unfortunately, my taste is much more expensive than my budget although I think we might have finally found something that satisfies my aesthetic requirement and Brian's budget requirement.

(I love the white cabinets!)

Since we had to be in Nashville anyway, we made a day of it with street tacos and elote from Mas Tacos and ice cream from Jeni's (yes, after not indulging in over a year, we've been there 3 times in the last month). Somehow they managed to improve on their fabulous scoops by adding free sauce this weekend. Because we do things big, we also made a grocery run to Aldi. Ha.

We also had plans to visit Cumberland Park in downtown Nashville for the first time, but the city already has everything blocked off for the big firework display tomorrow night. It's probably just as well. I would have pulled out the camera, and my kids are pretty much all pictured out after Disney and cousins consecutive weeks.


This girl skipped lunch and went straight for ice cream.


My computer chose to max itself out last weekend so it had to go to the computer doctor, and while it's back and running . . . it's slow. And my Disney book did not happen. And I have hundreds of photos from the last month to go through. I need to spend some dedicated time backing up and deleting, but it's not going to happen today! A nap or some HGTV sounds much more exciting.


Vicky said...

I have white cabinets, too and love them. But no granite here, either. Would love to see my counter as neat as yours though, but HGTV calls me and then I'm done. So great you are working!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

LOVE the white cabinets!! Brian did such a great job!

My computer is in need of some computer hospital time as well. Not looking forward to that diagnosis.