Thursday, July 09, 2015

And They're Off


(truck and kayaks are on loan from a friend)

Brian and Camden left this morning for their annual birthday camping trip. Anyone else notice it takes almost as long to actually pack/prepare for a camping trip as the time you're going to actually spend on the camping trip? I'm so glad Brian started this tradition; one-on-one time with your dad is a great event to look forward to when you're a kid.

While Brian and Camden are on Camden's annual birthday trip, Rory is in her annual Camden's birthday trip funk. It's tough to be the younger sibling. Since I'm the oldest of 4, I haven't experienced anything other than always being the first although I'm guessing that the difference isn't noted quite as much when you have more siblings. While Camden enjoys spending alone time with me while Rory goes on her trip, Rory feels more like she is being left behind when Camden leaves. Her perception of being "less than" has been something we've watched become more and more of an issue as she gets older. I'm open to any parenting tips related to this!

Today's plans include: working from home, drinking some iced coffee to rejuvenate me for the afternoon, supervising Rory while she makes cookies, doing a quick house touch-up, hosting our women's Bible study group tonight, and then I'd like to sink into bed and watch some mindless TV.


Christine @ 12,450miles said...

I love that Brian does this! (And I’m a wee bit jealous of your time too!)