Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

It seems strange to move on with regular blogging in light of last week's events (Becky blogged about it here), but that's part of the beauty of life I think. For better or worse, minutes turn into hours and hours into days.

Last week's reduced dose of chemo was better than round 1 although I still found myself staying firmly planted on the couch for several days. Day 5 certainly seems to be the magic moment when things completely turn around. I kept wanting to push past the side effects, but some things can't be rushed. I missed the weekend activities, but happily went back to work yesterday.

I decided that pop culture was throwing me a bone by having both Downton Abbey and American Idol start new seasons during chemo week - I had plenty of time to watch.

I also managed to burn through the entire first season of The Paradise, a BBC show set in the 1870's (think along the lines of Downton Abbey) last week. It is binge-worthy, but be warned that it ends with a cliff hanger, and season 2 is not available online.

I have been making a strong effort to let Rory help me out in the kitchen lately (oh, so much patience is required). Last weekend while spooning muffins into the pan, she said, "It's such an important job, but I really do think I am grown-up enough to manage it." How could I not let her help after that?

Rory's current favorite activity (besides helping in the kitchen) is drawing. This is her latest. Tell me I'm not the only one who is frightened by Elsa's face here.

My favorite new coffee cup thanks to Brian's parents. If you know me in person, then you know this has been a favorite phrase for years. I'm not sure if Becky picked it up from me or if I picked it up from Becky, but we both say it.

First after-school picture of 2015


Becky said...

I SO love that cup!! what a great gift. and I love you, but of course, you know that :)

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

That cup is AWESOME!!! I love it!! Great tidbits! I owe you an email anyway and plan to address all things downton there. :)

Monica said...

LOL! I can hear my art teacher say now "What detail!" Yes, the face is scary at first glance, but her work is quite impressive for her age! And kudos to you for letting her help in the kitchen. You're an awesome Mom.