Friday, January 02, 2015

Good News

Today I met with Dr. C and discussed my next treatment regimen. The good news is that I'm going to continue on Doxil. The not-as-good news is that they're lowering the dosage, and she is predicting I will have the rash/blister reaction again. We are taking some precautions against it. I have steroids in hand so that I am prepared to combat the blisters as soon as they start. I am to baby my skin big time via a special lotion and mouth wash. I am to not use hot or cold water whether it be ingesting hot beverages, washing dishes, or hot baths/showers. Also, no repetitive movements such as walking on a treadmill, folding envelopes, repeated writing, etc. etc. I can live with all of that.

The other piece of decent news is that my CA125 from December 2 remained basically unchanged from the November 1 number of 44. That means I had a month of no chemo, but my CA125 stayed the same. That is very good news. I don't have the new CA125 number from today.

The plan is that I will go to Vanderbilt Wednesday morning for infusion, and then I am meeting with a brand new gynecological oncologist in town Wednesday afternoon. I don't know that I'm necessarily looking for a change because I am very happy with the treatment and care I receive from Vanderbilt. What I do know is that I miss the small office atmosphere and that it is always good to have another expert review my case. 

The upside to having to be in Nashville for doctor's appointments is that Brian and I try to have coffee or eat at a new or favorite restaurant. Might as well take advantage of the time together sans kids. Today we skipped lunch but stopped at Crema, our favorite coffee shop. 

It. is. so. delicious. We even splurged on a macaroon, and it was amazing.



And best news of all? We scored a babysitter tonight and are going to see Unbroken. The kids get to play with friends; we get to use a gift card for a free movie.

Happy Weekend, friends.


Christine said...

All sorts of good news! Hooray! What a great way to start the new year. Here's hoping it continues....

Vicky said...

I think that all sounds good- minus the skin rash part. I wanted to see unbroken, too! Hope you enjoy- and the coffee place looks like a trip back will be in order.

KirstyB said...

Yay for some good news!! That coffee place looks awesome!

Mimi said...

Hi Melissa, this is good news! Praying for your next infusion to do its job and with no rash! : )

asdsfghjjkl; said...

I'm rejoicing with you and your good news! That coffee shop is adorable. Brooke