Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

I've decided to man (woman?) up and give Camden piano lessons this summer. Surely I can manage to be patient, right? He clearly has some musical talent, and it seems silly to pay someone else for lessons when I am fully capable. Whether or not I'm fully capable of giving my own child lessons remains to be seen. We start today.

This post made me laugh out loud: Dear Kids, We're Not Going to Disneyland. Thank you, Becky, for sending it to me.

Saturday was our 17th wedding anniversary. We have had 4 anniversaries since my cancer diagnosis and haven't been able to celebrate even one of them. This is not a good record.

You know all that genetic testing I had done back in December? The nurses and doctor promised me over and over they would verify with insurance and let me know what our cost would be before doing the tests. Guess who got an EOB for over $1200 last week. Not going to worry about it until I get a bill.

Rory's teacher put together a little scrapbook of the year and wrote what she liked about each student, as well as including what each kiddo wanted to be when they grew up. Rory wants to be a teacher so she can "get the Teacher Appreciation Gifts."

I'm doing the Beth Moore blog Bible Study this summer. Anyone want to join in?

We took a trip to a cool park last week. Here are a few pictures. Few being a relative term, of course.

I have a version of this picture from nearly every time we're together.

This one might be my favorite of the trip.

Rory totally climbed this rock wall. Camden wouldn't even attempt it.

Camden spent most of his time lounging. He gets his laziness from his mother.

Uncle Micah played as hard as the kids.

I would show you the slow motion video Becky took of me and Brian on this fun contraption, but that might be embarrassing.



Yes, we took a selfie.





KrisJ said...

I haven't been to any blogs is SO LONG! And yours just made me remember why I love them!! LOVE the photos!

KrisJ said...
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What would Jesus do said...

If these things happened to your insurance because of the Affordable Health Care Act aren't they going to be the same for your new insurance? Those things you talk about didn't change for our insurance under the Affordable Health Care Act. I'm not really sure you have the whole story or have identified the culprit. LDB

Christine said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!! I love when you get to your family… you post so many great captures!

Christine said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!! I love when you get to your family… you post so many great captures!