Friday, June 20, 2014

Popping In

Like everyone else, I'm knee deep in summer. Always trying to strike a balance between finding down time but not too much down time, having kid activities but not too many kid activities, keeping up with a little schoolwork, but not too much schoolwork, etc. etc. etc. 

Also. Not let the kids know I am counting down the minutes until bedtime.

Also. Reminding myself that time is precious.

Today I'm heading to Nashville for a port flush and then to meet friends for lunch. Brian and the kids are mowing the church yard. Even with the port flush, I think I win for today. Our Friday night includes How to Train Your Dragon 2 - both kids are bouncing-off-the-wall excited.

I have not been taking many pictures, mostly because it's hot and I am not a fan of sweating, but here is one from yesterday.

And just in case this seems like an idyllic summer day, let me just assure you that I literally forced them to go outside at 9:00 a.m. and when they were bored, told them they must play with the sidewalk chalk. There was alot of grumbling, but the chalk art turned out fun. I think they might try it again sometime.


Lori! said...

I think I'd be ok with the heat if I didn't have to sweat...but then I'd probably over heat and pass out, so maybe not.

Christine said...

I am with you. On all of this. Summer. Is. Hard.