Monday, June 16, 2014

Snapshot #15

Outside my window: bright, bright sunshine and hot, humid temps. I'm thinking summer has definitely arrived!

I am thinking: that there's something about Mondays that I like - the idea of a fresh new week starting up is very appealing.

I am thankful for: the 6 days we had with my family in Illinois; for some recent financial provision

Last 3 purchases: cheap Old Navy flipflops for Camden to wear in the shower at camp, the newest Fancy Nancy chapter book for Rory (we read it out loud while Camden and Brian were at camp last week), hemp hearts for smoothies. Exciting stuff.
Dinner plans: hmm, a very strange mishmash of homemade guacamole, roasted squash, and veggies with hummus. Why, yes, I am cleaning out the fridge.

 Future plans I'm looking forward to: Does a haircut tomorrow morning count as future plans?

In the kitchen: lots of salad ingredients. Also, strawberry/banana muffins I made this afternoon.

Reading: Big Red by Jim Kjelgaard (reading out loud to the kids - it was one of my favs growing up). Hoping to start Harlen Coben's newest, Missing You, today or tomorrow.

Watching: Just finished up the NBA Finals. Yes, I'm a Lebron James fan, but I thought the Spurs win last night was well-deserved, and they were a classy bunch. I remember when Tim Duncan won his first championship way back in 1999. I am so old.

Listening to: Rivers in the Wasteland, the newest Need to Breathe album and the JTHO Pandora station. Strange confession: prior to Jen Burgess Thompson's death, she posted this station as one she listened to while focusing on not worrying. I find myself turning to it at night when the kids go to bed, I'm in my p.j.'s and curled up in bed with my iPad and reading material. 

Snacking on: Not sure if you can count this as a snack, but I've got milkshakes made with fresh strawberries planned for tonight.

Rest-of-the-day-plans: I've been a busy girl since 6:30 this morning so the productive part of my day is mostly over. That's totally legal since it's summer, right?

And how about a few recent scrapbook pages.

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