Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits (6/10/14)

Brian and Camden are off at camp this week so it's been just the girls. To be perfectly honest, I was kind of dreading the whole week because Rory and all the talking and chatting and talking some more and begging to do "something special." It's not been without challenges, but we're good so far.

Today's "special" included pedicures -  matching sparkly purple toes.

And, by the way, most "something special" include things like helping me bake, reading out loud, using my computer to work on math review, etc. Exciting stuff.

Speaking of camp, Brian is not only the evangelist for the week but has a room full of boys. He is apparently in high demand from the parents as a counselor - probably because he'll make sure the boys all take actual showers.

 So I did manage to start piano lessons for Camden last week, and he did fantastic (as expected). From my previous teaching experiences, one of the hardest things for kids is rhythm and keeping a steady beat. Camden had it down pat. Rory sat beside us watching. I looked over, about halfway through, and saw this cute sign she had made him.

We took a trip to Nashville last week and found this cute coffee truck. Seriously, could not be cuter.

We hiked (using that term pretty loosely) a trail one afternoon last weekend, and when I posted it on Instagram received several comments about looking good. Clearly, I am using a filter here, friends!

They pulled out the water shooters last week. They're both getting very brown already!

Brian has decided to document his summer and has been trying to take a picture a day ( did not even prompt him to do this if you can believe it!). Here's a shot with all of us in hats in Gymboree. Totally his idea because I am way too much of a stick in the mud to do this.

Remember when Pioneer Woman's iced coffee recipe (you cold brew it) was all the rage? I spent probably 2 summers in a row making it, and that was back before I even drank coffee - only the kind with ice and lots of additives. I decided to make some up this week, and it's so funny how tastes change. Now that I actually drink coffee, I find it to be way too weak and I probably won't make it again.

I tend to watch Korean dramas during Christmas/spring/summer breaks. This break is no different, and I started a new one this week - Angel Eyes. I am obsessed, I tell you. Ob.Sessed.

I've been off the smoothie kick for a while now, but I made one this morning: banana, spinach, hemp hearts, almond milk, and a little cocoa powder. It wasn't bad!


Owlhaven said...

SUCH a cute family you have!!!


Christine said...

Such a wonderful set of tidbits!! I’m still giggling about a week of “special.” :)