At 10:58 this morning, I looked at the clock and realized that I had done absolutely nothing today. Nothing. And I liked it. :)

I had arranged this week's schedule around two things: (1) my doctor's appointment on Tuesday and (2) the "fact" that I'd be starting up chemo again today. Well, there's no chemo, and I could not be happier about that. I woke up not feeling particularly well this morning. Honestly, it kind of happens alot. And on the days I do feel well, I can almost guarantee that by suppertime I will feel as if a truck has run over me. Repeatedly. Dr. W says it's normal since I've had poison running through my veins for 14 out of the last 20 months.

So this morning I feel very grateful that I am not sitting in a not-quite-comfortable recliner hooked up to chemo, but instead have had the privilege of laying on the couch with my snuggly body bean catching up on last night's American Idol. (And can I just say Nicki Minaj =  train. wreck.)

We've had some cold(er) weather the last couple of weeks, and I snapped this picture while the kiddos were outside playing. I happen to love me a good hat picture, but these days they're not really into photo props. When they each came outside wearing one without any prompting from me, I knew I had to grab the camera.


And now I'm headed back to my couch with a bowl of hot soup. Hope your day is as quiet as mine!


Beth said…
Love the hat pic! Glad you are able to rest today. I can't watch American Idol. Niki Minaj has officially ruined one of my favorite shows for me. Why????? I don't understand why? I have seen countless "I can't stand her" posts and zero "oh, I am SO loving her on AI" posts, so I am hoping she is a one season wonder.
Renee T. said…
cuties in the winter hats :)
Amy said…
Sounds like a perfect morning! Hope the rest of your day was just as relaxing. Love that pic of your sweeties!
I love me a relaxing day on the couch!!
Last night was definitely a bad night for NiCki, but I had to agree with her on the fact the were hounding that one girl about being country.... Actually I like nicki better than Mariah! But maybe I'm the odd ball... I liked Steven Tyler too last year!!
X said…
Yay for nothing! Love the hat photo. Love those faces! Like Kim, I loved Steven Tyler not really into any of the judges this year. Nikki is entertaining though. Here's to some of the toxins leaving your body, Melissa and my prayer is that you never need another treatment.
Love love love that photo! And yay for "nothing"! That can be very good for the soul sometimes. :-)

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