Friday, September 29, 2017

Five on Friday (Sept. 29, 2017)

"Let love be your highest goal! -I Corinthians 14:1

I woke up this morning to a cool 53 degrees, and it is perfection. Dropped the kids off at school, dashed to my chiropractic appointment, and now I'm brewing a second pot of coffee and grabbing half a second before embarking on a very busy Friday beginning with Bible Study. In the spirit of fall, I have an orange/cardamom candle burning. The weekend is going to be very busy as we end another crazy September. We're celebrating Rory's birthday tomorrow and then a very full day at church Sunday with GrowthTrack after our regular services. It will be long, but I'm also so excited to start this new phase of discipleship with our church. Fall break is going to arrive just in time (one more week to go).

1. Brian took Camden and several teens to a live Dare2Share event this past Saturday. It was a very long day for him after a very long week, but so worth it to invest in Camden and those teens. To be honest, we had never really heard of Dare 2 Share, but it's a pretty great organization, and we'll be looking forward to next year.

2. Kids had a cross country meet Monday, and my parents were able to go with us. Rory ran 2 seconds faster than her previous race at this location, while Camden ran about 30 seconds slower. It was very hot and humid (they've been lucky enough to not have too much running in the heat this year) and miserable. We nearly broke heat records this past week. We have 3 meets left and then basketball begins.

Yearbook staff took this picture although I am planning to bring my big girl camera to next week's meet.

3. I may have bragged on our good mornings a little too early in the year. I loosened up on bedtimes (let's not get crazy - "loosening up bedtime" merely means 8:15 for Rory and 9:00 for Camden), but will be making a few changes this week (just in time for fall break so that's probably useless) in an attempt to regain those peaceful mornings.

4. Camden would like me to document that he beat Brian in basketball this week. Definitely a milestone!

5. Rory's 11th birthday was Wednesday. Where. does. the. time. go? Her birthday list has been on the fridge since July 16 (the day after Camden's birthday, of course) and included things like a planner, silver nail polish, gift card to anywhere, a suitcase, and a dog.





Ramsh said...

So she got the dog, right?

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

I just spent a very blissful hour catching up on what you all have been up to for the past couple of months. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RORY!!! How in the world is she ELEVEN?!?! I hope her day was truly magical. There’s so many great tidbits that you have shared. All the family moving to town, your awesome cancer numbers, YOUR BROWS!! Love all that you have been up to. I feel so incredibly busy with not a moment to spare... and then I read your blog... and wonder how you get it all, and then some, done! (No, really, what’s your secret?!)